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2276: [MileyCyrusVEVO] - Miley. Where is your next episode on YouTube?
Wed 20:28 1 April

2275: Soon we will have 12 episode of our Country Star - Miley!


3021: Somebody needs shaving! When they will open hairdressers?
Wed 19:59 1 April


Sing Me Back Home Miley
Wed 19:51 1 April

2273: Billy Ray Cyrus - [TrailOfTears] - Another super album for You!
Wed 19:39 1 April

2272: [Beautiful]
Wed 19:35 1 April

2271: Let's have a brake with Father's Daughter. [TheClimb]
Wed 19:25 1 April

2270: Is Eminem is New Country Music Chuck Norris?

3018: It would be so cool and fresh for the industry that Eminem would leave Hip-Hop and jump into Country Music!

3019: Jay-z is looking for fancy colored boots already.
Wed 19:19 1 April

2269: [Geronimo] Heydee Ho!
Wed 19:10 1 April

2268: Enough is enough.

Wed 19:05 1 April

2267: What do you think about that?
Wed 19:02 1 April

2266: I ain't even left.
Wed 18:52 1 April

2265: One Last Thrill
Wed 18:48 1 April

2264: Third album 1994

3015: I will tell you joke: - If Eminem would obtain true guts from space he would be playing original Country Music, with his crew.

3016: Try to take it seriously without crying from laugh Eminem please.
Wed 18:40 1 April

2263: [StormInTheHeartland] Miley
Wed 18:35 1 April

2262: Words By Heart

3014: MindRiver: Magazine = Almost random gallery illustrated by country music songs! This is typical.
Wed 18:20 1 April

2261: [ItWon'tBetheLast]
Wed 18:03 1 April

2260: There is agreement.
Wed 17:54 1 April

2259: I won't throw a single music link until we listen to all of Miley's dad's songs. We only do it for her.
Wed 17:51 1 April

2258: Who is Krzysztof Krawczyk?

3009: Polish singer.

3010: Wiecie czemu Krzysia Krawczyka nie zaprosili w tym roku do Stagecoach? - Bo by zajął główną scenę na czas całego festiwalu. Jeszcze razem z Marylą.

3011: Back to roots! Korona wirus nie ma szans!

3012: MindRiver: Magazine przywraca nadzieje kierowcom TIR-ów.
Wed 17:39 1 April

2257: It's Key bro!

3007: MindRiver: Magazine - Best Country service on the West from Casper Wyoming!
Wed 17:28 1 April

2256: Let's go with first album Miley's daddy! [link]

3006: Thanks YouTube!

3008: To już wiecie kto Krawyczkowi dał jointa w USA. Tata Miley.

3013: Nie wrzucę ani jednego linka muzycznego dopóki nie przesłuchamy wszystkich piosenek taty Miley. Robimy to tylko dla niej.
Wed 17:17 1 April

2255: Hello Miley! Good morning!

Wed 17:08 1 April

2254: All Disney is about better world an future that looks brighter than the present! So as MindRiver: Magazine!
Wed 17:03 1 April

2253: [NewestAlbum] - Smashing Pumpkins

2999: Of course... 4 Miley...

3000: I don't know if I can write reviews in English. All in all I don't know this band. I have never had any departure on them. With the exception of maybe a few songs. But now when I start recording something on the guitar, I recapture the chords and their arrangement in the song. I have always liked their arrangement.

3001: [Oceania] - This album is super cool!

3002: If you recognize their music as weird or crazy stupid, please just don't listen them! Thank You!

3003: For me the most important thing is music! Lyrics and any meaning is really unnecessary! It's just distraction.

3004: (By the way. By using windows you can win some cows!)
Wed 16:39 1 April

Guitar Lesson
Wed 16:02 1 April

2251: If God Is Love than Miley is my... "Heart Punching Bag"

2996: Prada. What the fuck you are talking about?! She is Queen! Queen cannot be nobody's punching bag!! - Oh! Shut up! The queen is my love!


Wed 15:03 1 April

2250: God! Tell me! Why I am so in love in Miley? <---<3--->

2995: And now I have to play her love song!
Wed 14:42 1 April

Wed 12:48 1 April

2248: What is definition of "hardcore"?
Wed 12:45 1 April

2247: Let's roll! I mean let's walk!
Wed 12:41 1 April

2246: How to stay in tent for a something about a month in one place?

2994: Fuck. It's unbelievable!
Wed 12:34 1 April

2245: Prada is Ben 10 & Miley is Guen
Wed 12:22 1 April

2244: In some countries is too cold to live in camper-vans. It's something new to us! We're not getting used to it! We got cabins.
Wed 12:17 1 April

2243: I want to live in freakin' camper van for the rest of my life.

2993: #Ricciardo
Wed 12:11 1 April

2242: :2242

2990: I need to go shopping to buy some nails coz god damn roof is leaking.

2991: Some people are simply just very very friendly and nice!

2992: Whispering nice dreams to you heart!
Wed 12:01 1 April


This Song 4 Miley

2988: To jest naprawdę bardzo świetne! Ha!

2989: Soczysta ta potańcówka! Tylko dlaczego nie mogę pożyczyć roweru z miejskiej wypożyczalni? W ogóle jest taka?
Wed 10:15 1 April

2240: We will be listening country music for saveing the world. This day belongs to...

2985: [BillyRayCyrus] Miley's Daddy! Do you know him? Have you ever listen any of his song? Who is he?! Is he musician? Miley knows. But do we?

2986: Does he like [SmashingPumplins] ? (This link is so inspiration for me!) (I need to teach myself how the songs are build!) (This is fucking classic!) (I think I can dedicate this song to Miley! With all my love!)

2987: Okey. Let's start with Billy! Let's listen all his songs today! YouTube is the best place to start! Let's trust #YouTube
Wed 9:57 1 April

2239: I warn you! There will be a lot of bullshit today here in this MindRiver: Magazine! But don't worry!

2984: Anyway you don't have to read it or watch it or listen it or smell it or feel it or taste it.
Wed 9:56 1 April

2238: There is no plan B for today! What's my plans? To take over Twitter! Let's inform most influencial Magazins about our romance baby.

2981: Playboy wants you naked photos Prada.

2982: - Don't you want some music of mine? - Yeah but you can play guitar! - What?! Fuck You!

2983: - I am best fucking guitarist in the world. - So prove it! - I don't have to prove it! I have really really really nothing special to do today! And let's stay like that.
Wed 9:50 1 April

2237: [SongForASon]

2979: Where would you drive if there was no laps and you would still want to drive fast?

2980: Straight into Miely's heart!
Wed 9:30 1 April

2236: [StichInTime]

Wed 9:24 1 April

2235: Prada announce that he's plans are postponed due to doing nothing, loving Miley Cyrus, surfing on the Pinterest and collecting music for her.

2976: Anyway I'm ready to go.

2977: Let's just enjoy this moment for some time.
Wed 9:01 1 April

2234: [3o'clockBlues]

2974: I think this blues needs Hannah Montana's low voice.

Wed 3:54 1 April

2233: I love Miley. My heart is speking when I'm trying to say her whatever. BB Talk.
Wed 3:51 1 April

2232: What it takes to make woman happy all the time? All her life?

2973: Sweet talk?
Wed 3:46 1 April

2231: [Lucille]
Wed 3:44 1 April

Wed 3:41 1 April

Wed 3:37 1 April

Wed 3:34 1 April

2227: [Stackolee]
Wed 3:30 1 April

2226: [BlackSnake] - Tell me... Why this black is speking crazy german...?

2967: Well I love dutch especially when females using this. (Kannst du deutsches kleines Mädchen sprechen?) Me not baby. Only little English.

2968: [WokeUpThisMorning] - I also like blues. I think in blues I can tell you how much I'm in love with you. How much I love you and what you really mean to me. My little pop star baby.

2969: Okey. And this motherfucker don't know nothing about his guitar! > [HardTimes] I don't like hard times!

2970: Prada's blues band's name would be: "Will you take care about me like your little puppy?"


2972: I hope this story never become some evil shityy horror! So we can live happily ever after!
Wed 3:05 1 April

2225: ?

2964: Or something like that. My alphabet is only about love and goodness. Just try to pick up the perfect set of pictures or words or feelings. Whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you super in love. I am for you baby. Call me psycho fan . But tell me isn't all about in being country music star like you baby?

2965: It's so simple. I mean it's pure. It's like fan who is simple get bored and he wants to see his idol. Famous pop singer. Something like Hannah Montana or whatever. Oh! It's you! Good for you! But there's a little trick in this story. Baby you know I'm famous Prada. You know. Something like DiCaprio or Brad. It's takes some little imagination. Do you know Samuel El Jackson's blues band? Is that true that he is famous Michael Jackson brother? Baby. Miley. All be always for you and I think we can write together some really cool story. I mean good simple story. You know... my last girlfriend was such a hell that trust me. You can't be worst.

2966: Is this your car?
Wed 2:42 1 April

2224: Good night Miley... and the rest of World to save!

2960: Hello Miley ! It's something like 02:17 at my place but I had bad dream and I woke up.

2961: [BeltBuckle] - I wonder what type of car have you got? Or maybe truck not car. If you are real western girl it has to be Truck. or

2962: For you I prefer ! For us!

2963: I'm your classic fan. I think I'll get some more stickers for you.
Tue 22:36 31 March

2223: [xxx] - zz top
Tue 22:28 31 March

2222: 2222
Tue 22:22 31 March

2221: Miley Miley on my mind...
Tue 22:13 31 March

2220: On this timeline Dub does not means Dublin but Dubai!

2958: And Per is Perth (in Australia) not Persia.

2959: Cigarettes are not healthy for you hearth Miley!
Tue 22:04 31 March

2219: Good ZZ-Music
Tue 21:58 31 March

2218: Kiedyś na starość rzucę okiem na teksty ZZ TOP. Teraz jest jeszcze na to znacznie za wcześnie.

2955: (Ang.) One day in my old age I will look at the ZZ TOP lyrics. For this it's far too early for me now.

2956: Actually... who cares what they are about? I am concentrating on base line.

2957: Base line is Miley.
Tue 21:36 31 March

2217: Boys from ZZ TOP with their new album...

2953: [Rhythmeen] - Podciągać pieluchy!

2954: Rokujemy pomyślnie!
Tue 21:24 31 March

2216: Oh! We have a first listener!

2952: In Poland We have such a saying: "Guest's in the house - God's in the house!" (That's why I like Miley's show so much!)
Tue 21:16 31 March

2215: "Prada is Elvis and We're going to marry Nashville with Miley." - Actually it was very smart! - What?!

2951: Everybody chilling... it's time for a... ZZ TOP!
Tue 21:12 31 March

2214: MindRiver: Shocking News! James Prada is building his own radiostatin in 3 easy steps!

2945: 1) Decide for who you are doing this. (Me Miley & Asia)

2946: 2) Apply for a frequency. It may take a long time before you're assigned a frequency.

2947: 3) Apply for a license. It's illegal to operate an unlicensed radio station, even at extremely low power.

2948: 4) Establish a source of funding. Remember, you'll need to pay for studio space and power, among other things.

2949: 5) Well I'm having financial problems always. But somehow I live. You can always support me by giving me ONLY 5 euro for the ticket.

2950: 6) The most important in this industry is hitch-hiking, pizza & coffee as far as I see this now.
Tue 20:50 31 March

2213: From Eminem to Miley x 100 What else to say...? "Keep saveing the world sister!"

Tue 20:37 31 March

2212: [BeaPeace]

2944: Open your heart and the sky would have your color and name.
Tue 18:34 31 March

2211: A suka se miksuje.
Tue 18:29 31 March

2210: Robert Kubica & Adam Małysz z MindRiver Magazine zapraszają na jeb... cantry festyn! Tj. bardzo fajny! [link] A potem jedziemy do McDonalda na McCzikena!

2940: Dla mnie podwójna light kola i frytki do tego.

2941: Laski oszalały i drą majty! To jest lepsze od jeb... disco polo które jest zdecydowanie za bardzo hardkorowe!

Tue 17:01 31 March

2209: I found super cool program! For makeing "img area links".

2938: Fuck shit! And now I have to listen it all! Oh My God! So fun! So many grate artists! Oh My God!

2939: You know! All Poland loves country music! Especially Police officers. We have so many cowboys here! But so few cow & hoses!
Tue 15:56 31 March

2208: Just Pretend
Tue 15:47 31 March

2207: Country Music & Good Sausages
Tue 12:40 31 March

2206: Okey. I think I will trust more Miley's doctor! That's sad true fact.

2936: We're not living in perfect world as you see.
Tue 12:09 31 March

2205: Prada meet's Charlie "Fucking" Rodeo. - Hi Man. Who are you? - Probably It's You! - You know. For me everybody are like Charlie "Fucking" Rodeo. Small mind trick.

2934: What?!

2935: Everybody wants to be cowboy from Western. But not with gun! Do you get it?!
Tue 11:29 31 March

2204: Guitar Skateboard PC & Sleepingbag

2931: My compass is showing: Miley direction West.

2932: And my headphones playing Down in the Park - FF

2933: It's so pleasure to listen this song with my beloved Miley and with rest of the ball.
Tue 11:15 31 March

2203: Today I will lay down two tracks under Sia's She Wolf. How about that?

2928: Can country music can come along with trance techno? Miley & Prada are showing world how it can be made. Jep folks. That's true. We'll burn this barn down!

2929: That's so fucking exciting!

2930: Miley! I love You!
Tue 11:05 31 March

2202: MindRiver: Magazine ... Shocking News!!! Long story short. Prada is Elvis Presley!!!
Tue 11:04 31 March

2201: Check newspaper! - Later.
Tue 8:15 31 March

2200: Hello World... Goodnight Miley...
Tue 8:03 31 March

2199: I love miley cyrus forever 4 that she is!
Tue 1:57 31 March

2198: BB Prada's Travel Talk Box Radio says good night to Miley Malibu L.A. 16:46 me 01:46! See Ya! Tommorow!
Tue 1:48 31 March

2197: [CornelChris] - YouTubeMix
Tue 1:46 31 March

2196: [PermanentDecember]
Tue 1:35 31 March

2195: 2195

2927: [FullCircle]
Tue 1:30 31 March

2194: [TakeMeAlong] & [BangMeBox] Oh Miley Miley...
Tue 1:26 31 March

2193: [SIA-isON]

2925: I can't understand what people are sayin' 어느 장단에 맞춰야 될지 한 발자국 떼면 한 발자국 커지는 shadow 잠에서 눈을 뜬 여긴 또 어디 어쩜 서울 또 New York or Paris 일어나니 휘청이는 몸 yeah Look at my feet (down down) 날 닮은 그림자 (자) 흔들리는 건 이놈인가 아니면 내 작은 발끝인가 (ay) 두렵잖을 리 없잖아 다 괜찮을 리 없잖아 그래도 I know 서툴게 I flow 저 까만 바람과 함께 날아 Hey na na na 미치지 않으려면 미쳐야 해 Hey na na na (hey) 나를 다 던져 이 두 쪽 세상에 Hey na na na Can't hold me down 'cause you know I'm a fighter 제 발로 들어온 아름다운 감옥 Find me and I'm gonna live with ya 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah (Eh-oh) 올라타봐 bring the pain oh yeah Rain be pourin' Sky keep fallin' Everyday oh na na na (Eh-oh) 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah, eh Bring the pain (oh eh) 모두 내 피와 살이 되겠지 (eh oh) Bring the pain (eh oh) No fear, 방법을 알겠으니 (eh) 작은 것에 breathe (ah huh) 그건 어둠 속 내 산소와 빛 (ah huh) 내가 나이게 하는 것들의 힘 넘어져도 다시 일어나 scream (ya ya ya ya) 넘어져도 다시 일어나 scream (ya ya ya ya) 언제나 우린 그랬으니 설령 내 무릎이 땅에 닿을지언정 파묻히지 않는 이상 그저 그런 해프닝쯤 될 거란 걸 (ya ya ya ya) Win no matter what Win no matter what Win no matter what 네가 뭐라던 누가 뭐라던 I don't give a uh I don't give a uh I don't give a uh, yeah Hey na na na 미치지 않으려면 미쳐야 해 Hey na na na 나를 다 던져 이 두 쪽 세상에 Hey na na na I can't hold me down 'cause you know I'm a fighter 제 발로 들어온 아름다운 감옥 Find me and I'm gonna live with ya 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah (Eh-oh) 올라타봐 bring the pain oh yeah Rain be pourin' Sky keep fallin' Everyday oh na na na (Eh-oh) 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah 나의 고통이 있는 곳에 내가 숨 쉬게 하소서 (please) My everythin', my blood and tears Got no fears I'm singin' oh ah Oh I'm takin' over You should know yeah I can't hold me down 'cause you know I'm a fighter 깜깜한 심연 속 기꺼이 잠겨 Find me and I'm gonna bleed with ya 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah (Eh-oh) 올라타봐 bring the pain oh yeah Rain be pourin' Sky keep fallin' Everyday oh na na na (Eh-oh) find me and I'm gonna bleed with ya 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah (Eh-oh) 올라타봐 bring the pain oh yeah All that I know is just goin' on and on and on and on (Eh-oh) 가져와 bring the pain oh yeah (yeah yeah)

2926: "I'm a fighting queen of ego. I'm a fighting prince of ego."
Tue 1:06 31 March

2192: [BurnThePages] LetThemCook - Miley. Can you try to sing this?

2923: Do you like SIA's songs? What do you think about her?

2924: Can I ask the same question to SIA? Do you like Miley?
Tue 0:55 31 March

2191: Miley. Can you call [her] and check if everything is fine?
Tue 0:53 31 March

2190: Miley My Love
Tue 0:47 31 March

2189: Take nothing and make something.
Tue 0:43 31 March

2188: [MyDarlin]
Tue 0:41 31 March

2187: [SummertimeSadness] in the Live Lounge
Tue 0:37 31 March

2186: You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When [You_Go]
Tue 0:32 31 March

2184: Peace Will Come
Tue 0:21 31 March

2183: FIRST DRIVE In Our 10.3L Supercharged Big Block Camaro!

2922: Toast's First Australian Burnout (1,288,316 views Jan 3, 2020)
Mon 23:55 30 March

2182: [SoulStripper] '74 Love story
Mon 23:50 30 March

2181: Good evening people. Welcome to a show! Got something here I want you all to know...
Mon 23:35 30 March

2180: Flush this in toilet.
Mon 23:30 30 March

2179: Tak wygląda rolnik oderwany od pługa.
Mon 23:18 30 March

2178: Uwaga jak Krasnal Rokuje! (Look at How the Dwarf Old-School Rocking) Yes Sir!

2919: And watch the fashion design!

2920: Bez pierdolenia. Wszyscy podskakują albo się telepią. To chyba jest AC/DC wirus!

2921: Śmiertelne zgodny powstają po przedawkowaniu alkoholu w rowie. Pamiętaj! Piłeś? Nie jedź! Tym bardziej że "zostań w domu". Aha! I "skasuj bilet!"
Mon 23:07 30 March

2177: Dlaczego w ogóle zacząłem się uczyć grać na gitarze? - Żeby laski robiły tak!

2913: Chyba czas na Elvisa!

2914: Dzisiaj szczerze do mnie uśmiechnął się tramwajarz na pętli. Tym uśmiechem wyciągnął mnie z dna jebanego piekła. Zastanawiam się kiedy ja zacznę się szczerze uśmiechać? Może jak przestanę cierpieć.

2915: [SheWolf] & [Titanium]

2916: Who is Titanium? Me or You?

2917: [ThisIsWhatRockNRollLooksLike]
Mon 22:45 30 March

2176: MindRiver: Magazine > Audio-wizualniy przewodnik po niczym.
Mon 22:43 30 March