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2175: Co robisz? Czytam Pradę. Na której stronie jesteś? Tj. Przy którym wpisie? Przy Harry Potterze.
Mon 22:41 30 March

2174: [FollowMe] [BeautifulPeople]
Mon 22:40 30 March

2173: Happy Hippie Presents: Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande [Don'tDreamIt'sOver] So cute!
Mon 22:21 30 March

2172: Next
Mon 22:13 30 March

2171: I am not fucking Pank. I am Prada!
Mon 22:06 30 March

2170: Okey! What's this?!
Mon 21:49 30 March

2169: Pierdole morderców i skryto-morderców, przyczajonych faszysto-nazistów oraz komunistów! Kogo by tu jeszcze złego można pierdolić?

2906: Wszystkich złych i niedobrych!

2907: Bardzo ładne logo.

2908: (Ang.) I fuck murderers and secretive murderers, crouching fascist-nazis and communists! Who else bad can I fuck from here?

2909: All bad and evil! Nice logo!

2910: I love myself!


2912: Miley
Mon 21:31 30 March

Ta Laura to chyba koleś jest...
Mon 21:00 30 March

2167: & [bmw] engeniers are singing together!
Mon 20:51 30 March

2166: Let's start. Leslie...

2903: Why [bmw] don't produce solar cars?

2904: Don't you think guys from or [bmw] that there's time for solar cars?

Mon 20:42 30 March

2165: [Amazing]
Mon 20:18 30 March

2164: [WhenILookAtYou]
Mon 20:07 30 March

2163: Happy Hippie Presents: [Different] (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Joan Jett)
Mon 20:01 30 March

2162: Maybe world gone so bad because of porn?

2896: Especially for real ugly people. They are trying to have "sex" from a normal situations in their lifes. It's so fucking sick!

2897: It's so fucking wise!

2898: I wonder if Caprice likes Miley. I hope!

2899: Where the fuck those Putas going? - They going for Porn Rock! Something new! Porn + Rock = Pron Rock

2900: I mean porn with music background not... opposite! Please!

2901: Ok. Can be pop!
Mon 19:47 30 March

2161: I was thinking that I will be leaving happy family home but my puta madre first kick me out her house, then sell the house, then not even let me in her new house! She said that only one reason I want to see her is her money.

2891: And when I was telling her that I was poisoned in prison by secret shot in the back, she didn't want to listen this and she tried to convince me that I am crazy and stupid.

2892: I think Prada will rise special organization for poor children whose mothers are... "Ding Ding"

2893: I think that when my mother realized that she was constantly wiretapping by "ding ding", she totally freaked out of it! Now when you talk to her, she doesn't talk with you but only to the microphone or camera. Poor woman. And poor people.

2894: She is real bad person! And she's getting older. I don't want to see her never again in my life!

2895: Okey! Ding Ding Prada's mother! Topic closed.
Mon 19:30 30 March

2160: [SeeYouAgain] - My best friend Lesley said, "Oh, she's just being Miley." (Best vers!) (But who is Lesley?)

2890: Prada's Shocking News: Leslie Nielsen who actually died some time ago is Miley's best friend. Jealous World Will Be Jealous. #JalousWorld
Mon 19:16 30 March

2159: Do you want to see... hardcore song hardcore?

2888: Her stupid crazy vocal is like lightning rod for my... ding ding. Crazy vocal, crazy woman.
Mon 18:59 30 March

2158: Look what i found! Another Jay-Z pick!

2889: This is really really nice!
Mon 18:52 30 March

2157: Peple talking blah, blah, blah... and it means nothing! Only Miley has something real to say!

2883: You know that's little trick, but You have to believe in something good! With all your heart! It's called #HeartJoga
Mon 18:17 30 March

2156: Dziś na parkingu przed pustym lotniskiem, wpadła mi do głowa fraza poetycka: "Każdy swoje człowieczeństwo buduje niczym drzewo, tylko niektórzy siedzą na przegniłych i spróchniałych kłodach!"

2882: (Ang.) Today, in a parking lot in front of an empty airport, a poetic phrase came to my mind: "Everyone builds their humanity like a tree, only some sit on rotten logs!"
Mon 18:14 30 March

2155: Testing 1, Testing 1... Easy as fucking fuck! Need to just remove poison from my back and I'm free to go! Wanna go with me? Virtually?

2881: I hope that you are happy! I'm journalist! I'm doing shit you have to see! Better than Leonardo da Vinci, better than Vincent Van Gogh and Miley's better than fucking Mona Lisa! Mona Lisa is shit!
Mon 18:06 30 March

2154: Everithing we're doing, we'doing only for ourselfs. Mistery solved.

2866: Day by day until we die, there is no difference between us.

2867: And some people are just stupid. It reaches endless infinity, because You just wonder why? It's just a trap for you brain connected to your heart. It's just a trap set by some people to others. Quite fucking poor way for being famous and powerful.

2868: We're searching God in heaven or around us, but it mistake because We are Gods! No matter who we are! We're just choose some friends. Our hearts wants to see the end of the universe and that's why we belong to each other with Miley.

2869: Even If it's just a dream some day we realize that our dreams are more than reality. Let all our dreams will be very, very good then. And don't you ever be bad to anybody again! If you are a bad person.

2870: - Prada is fuckin' wise!

2871: Miley. people on this "ball" thinks that you're cute! I am no special.

2872: For some people hurting others is a way of their lives and way for them to live. It's bad way to live. And suffering cause more suffering. It's extremely-low-old-school-prison-military way of ruling other people by using force not kindness and generosity.

2873: Some structures in some societies are to destroy!

2874: You cannot give stupid people power to slave other people. What you will do then? My very little country, Poland is a country ruled by force and stupidity rarely by kindness and gentleness. It's just make me cry. And now I need to make shit too. Do you think that all the world is like that? Rather no!

2875: Putting stupidity on society is the way to enslave society. It's bad and such a society will by suffering for decades. Polish independence was taken by Russians long, long time ago. Poland is a shitting place for them. Trust me guys. They are killing people in polish prisons for fun.

2876: Names of the murderers I meet ruling by Officials are Ryszard Załupka, Łukasz Wąsik, Jacek Stypka. They are from Cracow prison and Rzeszów prison. Those are names of living creatures! Even their names have a killingful meanings. "Załupka" means "to kill somebody", and Stypka means "to making jokes from it & party after someone's died - or get killed". And If local courts are corrupted, who will says stop for killing people in secret way? That's why I recognize Poland country as a fucking hell!

2877: I give you another meaningful example. In Cracow's UJ university hospital. In the computer in lobby set there for helping people find a way to certain part of it, if you choose "POLISH" language - toilet is at the end of menu. But if you choose "RUSSIAN" language - toilet is at the top of menu. If you want to find the way wherever.

2878: Maybe everywhere is like that. I hope not!

2879: So fuck this city! I need to go somewhere else having a hope that somewhere else will be better! Tell me. Why world is so bad place? Why I have injected poison into my back? Why It's hurting and killing me all the time? To inform all the world what is happily happening in polish prisons on the south of Poland? Maybe that's why. So what you gonna do with this information?
Mon 11:37 30 March

2153: I am sitting in WC and doing this MindRiver: Magazine. What a shame!

2862: I need to go outside but once I would go outside I will never stop. I love it so much!

2863: I have quite huge imagination. I think same as Miley. well... maybe not such a big as she... but quite big on my scale.

2864: I like to doing nothing and meet no one but I like going out. I think I will go to Miley. There's some miles ahead. I'll be looking you around the world.

2865: It should be "I go back to the ocean I go back to the sea..." So nice & sad!
Mon 11:22 30 March

2152: His is my new funny hobby!
Mon 9:42 30 March

2151: Motivational Monday! Tune in tomorrow! @aliciakeys @SelmaBlair @Milliestopshate #ZionClark

2860: "Be the reason someones Miley today!"
Mon 3:43 30 March

2150: Anna Wintour

2859: I wonder If I would go to bed with her. Only If Miley would allowed me.
Mon 3:34 30 March

2149: 17:19 vs. 02:19

2858: Malibu vs. Deep Deep Shit
Mon 2:34 30 March

2148: [SeeYouAgain] [SomeoneElse]

2857: No no no... No somemone else! Miley
Mon 2:16 30 March

2147: Sat weather forecast for now here. Cracow/Poland. It's snowing.
Mon 1:46 30 March

2146: Good night Miley! It's almosth midnight here! And at your place is not even 3 p.m. Have a sweet sweet day!

2855: I hope you like new HH icons!

2856: [IloveYou]
Sun 23:37 29 March

2145: [SweetEmotions]

2852: Talk about things'n nobody cares!


Sun 23:14 29 March

2144: That'll be tommorow...

2851: ...or the day after! Need make a plan! Almost done!
Sun 22:37 29 March

2143: I need to improve my Java Script skills! tommorow?

2850: I would rather fuck away to another dimension! But maybe someday... Ok. Now? No! Please! Not now!
Sun 22:20 29 March

2142: How to teach yourself to play guitar in 0.23948234 sek? Free lesons from Prada. Now! Thank you!

2849: How it was?
Sun 22:17 29 March

2141: It would be so nice if Miley become WebMaster and create her own WebSite from scratch!

2846: Miley! I can recommend you best forum for programmers! Everybody there knows shit about programming and all you have to figure out by yourself!

2847: [BlondieBytes] - check her! You can destroy walls with her touching only keyboard. So funny and cool babe!

2848: She will teach you Java Script in 2 minutes!
Sun 21:59 29 March

2140: confirms! Justin Bieber can not sing!

2845: Only... "As long as you love me!"
Sun 21:57 29 March

2139: [TakeYou] - Miley Miley
Sun 21:54 29 March

2138: Check this website! [Vijatm.com] Look nice! Cool photos!
Sun 21:44 29 March

2137: Mariola przygotowała kąpiel! A umyłaś wanne?

2841: Miley! You are the most beautiful donut in the World!

2842: The most, the most, the most, the most!!! In all galaxy!!!

2843: Who will save the Wolrd? Miley! - [MamaKin]

2844: My heart is her to swallow! True, true, true!
Sun 21:34 29 March

2136: WTF is going on? "Prada's Talk Box Radio?" What the fuck is that?!

2840: Oh Yeah! There's such a sport! Cool to remind myself Little IDC but whatever! Fine & nice!
Sun 21:28 29 March

2135: Check out new shit! BB TALK is here... I have no idea for what coz it's crap! I wonder who want's to use it and for what except throwing bull shit to the celing. But it is... for now.

2832: Have you notice that we got brand new moon phase?! It's so cool!

2833: I hope at least people from google would be extra happy! And full of nostalgia!

2834: You know! We have a same letters as then.
Sun 20:37 29 March

2134: Who is real [Fernando_Alonso] ?

2835: The guy is happiest face in whole F One Team! It's so cool to see him! He is so happy!

2836: I think he is guy how learn himself how to be happy! Other guys are taking all this shit little too serious. Well... for example Robert Kubica! The guy was fucking last all the season!

2837: Fernando Alonso maybe is not first all the time, but at least he is always super extra happy and he know how to show this to the all F1 world! Keep happy guys! Heep smiling to the cameras!

2838: - If I would smoke so much shit than he, I would by #HardcoreHappy all the time!

2839: - Man it's not weed! It's "happy pills". He's got "F One" tones of that!
Sun 19:28 29 March

2133: MindRiver: Magazine is proud to presents #Skittles by Miley Cyrus

2827: "Fuck me so you stop baby talking..." - [Miley_Cyrus]

2829: [SlideAway] - Miley! Don't tell me that you're not angel! Better be bitch coz' you should!


Sun 19:15 29 March

2132: [SimoneHaru] & [JamieMizrahi]

2825: Hello girls! & is on the line. What's up?
Sun 19:09 29 March

2131: [RuPaulsDragRace] WTF is that?
Sun 18:56 29 March

2130: I'm not a gay. But I can be gay with Miley!

2824: [din] [new] [MindRiverRSS] [QuiteRSS] [AktywnePolskieRSS] [bmw]
Sun 18:41 29 March

2129: Whatever! Time to Episode Ten-th! Sunday. 8:17 vs. 17:17
Sun 17:21 29 March

2128: Isn't she almost the same?

2818: Baby. If he would be loving you like he loved my band when he was a kid... trust me! You ain't need no other husband.

2819: "Proudly support Audio Description!" - Liv Tyler


2822: Don't need = Ain't no need? Probably.
Sun 16:52 29 March

2127: Miley said that she will lay down two tracks with metronome! + Vocal

2814: Every day one shit peace! That's 365 shit peaces a year!

2815: Rocking World will explode after this earthquake!
Sun 14:42 29 March

2126: [Prada] vs. [Rattlesnake_Shake]

2807: Sorry guys. I won!


2816: Isn't she beautiful? Gold is nothing without Miley.
Sun 14:22 29 March

2125: Episode 10 - Miley

2804: [MileyIsHittingTheHeart] - Stephen Tyler said that he's going back to rock'n'roll roots!

2808: [John_Lee_Hooker] said that he will die second time him for this occasion! Fuck yeah!

2810: Who the fuck is Lee Hooker?

2811: [NobodyKnows]

Sun 14:16 29 March

2124: Prada's Sunday School: HOW TO LAY DOWN TWO GUITAR TRACKS (with metronome) IN 14 EASY STEPS?

2788: How to lay down two fuckin' tracks with your fucking guitar & metronome!?

2789: 1) We turn on metronome and set tempo to 75!

2790: 2) We adjust fucking volume to 75%!

2791: 3) We press record on fucking phone and we play something as a background.

2792: IV) We press STOP on metronome and recorder.

2793: 5) We transfer this file to computer via blutooth... or other shit.

2794: Sex) We turn on fucking -city and open this file.

2795: 7) We plug headphones to our computer.

2796: 8) We plug out head phones from our computer!

2797: 9) We press record on our phone and press play on -city.

2798: 10) THAT'S THE TRICK - after some time... while we RECORDING we plug in the headphones BACK to computer... and we play SOLO to the BACKGROUND we hearing in headphones.

2799: 11) After we finish we transfer file to our computer.

2800: 12) We import this SOLO to our -city as a second track.

2801: 13) We are fucking -city until those 2 tracks are synchronize! (USE METRONOME BEATS FROM THE BEGINNING OF RECORDING as timestamps!)

2802: 14) And that's the final product!

2803: NEXT: How to get rid of fucking metronome? Miley I love you! Thank's for Ten-th episode of you SUPER DUPER EXTRA SHOW!
Sun 13:25 29 March

2123: Another approach to Playing Brian Shake on fucking guitar. - You know. It's all about just selling those fucing korean shit to you kids. And the rest is fucking disaster!
Sun 13:09 29 March

2122: Ja pierdole! - [Pudelek]
Sun 12:09 29 March

2120: I won't hesitate to ask AC/DC for help too! - Fuckin' [Brain_Shake]
Sun 12:04 29 March

2119: Now I have to ask boys from RHCP for help! [TheGetaway]
Sun 11:55 29 March

2118: Is that true that [Stephen] [Swift_Taylor] from Aerosmith have romance with [Dolly_Parton] ?

2785: Oh Fuck! Miley is their baby! - That's the fucking shock news from Prada! Oh Fuck!

2786: - No man! It's not fucking true!

2787: Shut the fuck up! We have a grate hit!
Sun 11:50 29 March

2117: "I think pure happines is comming from listening Aerosmith. I think it's best influence ever created by Rock'n'Rollers. It's magic. It takes me back where Stephen was! " - [Carlos_Castaneda]

2782: Do you know who is [Carlos_Castaneda] ?
Sun 11:13 29 March

2116: Prada's Shocking news from Brad Withford form Aerosmith - "I hate playing fucking guitar! It's my father's fault!"

2775: "For all of those years I've just force myself to earning money. That's all folks." ...and he said... "I advise against playing guitar! It's fucking horror!"

2776: - What The Fucking Fuck?!!!

Sun 10:47 29 March

2115: Does frogs have Nine Lives?

2764: Nine Lives I'm down a one way street With a one night stand With a one track mind Out in no man's land The punishment sometimes Don't seem to fit the crime Yeah there's a hole in my soul But one thing I've learned For every love letter written There's another one burned So you tell me how it's gonna be this time Is it over? I'm down a one way street With a one night stand With a one track mind Out in no man's land The punishment sometimes Don't seem to fit the crime Yeah there's a hole in my soul But one thing I've learned For every love letter written There's another one burned So you tell me how it's gonna be this time Is it over? - "Well well well I feel just like I'm fallin' in love There's a new cool Some kind of verbooty That fits me like a velvet glove"

2765: Fallin' In Love... - Chip off the old block Man, you're so much like your sister My fantasize it must be out of luck My old libido has been Blowing a transistor I feel like I have been hit by a fuck

2766: Hole in my Soul - I'm down a one way street With a one night stand With a one track mind Out in no man's land The punishment sometimes Don't seem to fit the crime Yeah there's a hole in my soul But one thing I've learned For every love letter written There's another one burned So you tell me how it's gonna be this time Is it over?

2767: Taste of India - It's like your first taste, love, of [vindaloo] That sets your heart on fire And if you let her stuff get into you It will be all that you desire

2769: Full Circle - I would start with love Tell ol' Beelzebub To get outta town 'Cause you just lost your job

2770: Something Gotta Give - "Hold your breath 'til you turn blue" & "Your megahertz she can't forgive Your love it died before you ever lived"

2771: Ain't That a Bitch - You think you're high and fine as wine Then you wind up like a dog in a ditch 'Cause love is like a wrong turn On a cold night, yeah

2772: The Farm - Follow the yellow brick road... Follow the yellow brick road... Take me to the farm Take me to the farm

2773: Crash - Mile high, so am I Watching Jimmy kiss the sky Salle diner becomes a blur With everybody jammin'

2774: Kiss Your Past Good Bye - It's later than deuce a ticks Your broken heart, it needs a fix You're feedin' off a high that... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... Miley4Ever... FUCK YEAH!



2780: Falling Off - That keep me so endeared to you It makes me think Is that the best that I can do It doesn't matter The time that I fall I'm up for the next one Like I'm ten feet tall

2781: Attitude Adjustment - This girl (Asia) that I knew She loved me and blew me away We made love no doubt But she never went out of her way I keep wonderin', I keep wonderin' why Do the wings of your butterfly Lightenin' thunder I keep wonderin' why

2783: Fallen Angels - For another child who vanished out of sight And a heart is broken, another prayer in vain
Sun 9:14 29 March

2114: Hello World... Hello Miley...

2762: [WalkOnWater]

2763: Hey little darlin' Your love is legendary Love's four letters Ain't in my dictionary 'Scuse my position But it ain't missionary Ah, but I want to Walk on the water with...
Sun 9:07 29 March

2111: Muszę zmienić baner! Miley zostaje I ta azjatycka spikerka. A reszta wyjeżdża... tylko to logo mi się bardzo podoba.

2760: Ogólnie to biję Pudleka na głowę. Po prostu nie zajmuję się tymi siksami bo naprawdę nie ma się czym zajmować. Haha. Nawet nie wiem co u nich słychać. Kurwa, całe szczęście.

2761: Ulubiony blog Ferdynanda Kiepskiego ze Świata Wg Kiepskich.
Sat 21:51 28 March

2110: I love Miley! And I believe in Miley and with Miley!

2755: To wreszcie obczaiłem do kogo te wszystkie faki lecą... Haha! Do pierdolonych kurew hehe!

2756: Posprzątaj swoje miasto, postrzątaj swoje serce.

2757: Ej. Serio. Mój stary to odetchnął jak wykitowała jego matka. Mówię szczerze. Ale i tak z dwa lata wychodził na prostą.

2758: Czy tęsknię za babacią? Hehe. Nie bo pewnie smaży się w piekle na jego dnie.

2759: Za dziadkiem to co innego!
Sat 21:39 28 March

2109: Kurde jak się dowiem, że moja stara spłonęła na stosie, to się nie zdziwię zbytnio!
Sat 21:35 28 March

2108: Miley... Don't read last couple entries. It was about my mother! She is very bad person! Don't dig such deep in Polish fucking hell! Please! Stay up! Stay in stars!
Sat 21:33 28 March

2107: Jest jeszcze jedna opcja. Mam kompletnie wyjebane na matkę. Jestem zajęty swoimi sprawami (jak widzicie). Idzie wiosna, przychodzi weekend - coś mnie tknęło... walę do starej. Naprawdę chciałem spędzić z nią weekend. Tym bardziej, że wirus i w ogóle. Wszystko pozamykane. - A tu szlaban! Wypierdalaj. Ha! Zaskoczenie!

2753: I jakieś jebanie, że jestem "egoistą", że pomagam jej robić zakupy. Po-Je-Ba-Na! Kom-Ple-Tnie! A wiecie co mnie najbardziej przeraża! Że jak to czyta to się pewnie cieszy i śmieje z tego, a to jest najlepszy dowód na to, że powinno się ją spalić na stosie, jak pierwszą lepszą byle wiedźmę.

2754: Naszczęście (dla niej) palenia czarownic na stosie, zaprzestano... sprawdźcie sobie w Wikipedii. Brawo matko! Brawo! Dałaś popis! Jesteś na topie! Królowa swojej ulicy. W ogóle całego jebanego miasta!
Sat 21:27 28 March

2106: "Kurwa, to nie rodzina! Kurwa to po prostu kurwa!" - słyszeliście kiedyś takie przysłowie? Co? Jeszcze niesłyszeliście? No w takim kraju!? W takim kraju!? Kurwa mać!


2747: Odegrajmy ten skecz! Jezus modli się żarliwie w ogrójcu do Pana Boga swego Ojca Niebieskiego! - Panie Boże spal tej kurwie dom! Spal tej kurwie auto! Bo nie zasługuje na nie, skoro syna swojego jedynego, do domu pod dach nie wpuściła.

2748: I teraz leszcza tak. To już chyba zaczynacie podejrzewać dlaczego "kurwa jest kurwą", co?

2749: A gdzie święta inkwizycja?

2750: No gdzie się kurwa pytam gdzie?

2751: Co to jest święta inkwizycja i jakie są jej zadania? 1) No napewno nie wspierać kurestwa jebanego! 2) Latać po nocy po parkach i parkingach i przebijać opony "Matką Boskim", które nie wpuszczają swoich synów do domu. 3) Palić na stosie kurwy i inne jebane czarownice. 4) Tępić promocję pedalstwa i lesbijstwa, 5) Zakazać jebanej pornograii w internecie! co jeszcze?

2752: A tam! W dzisiejszych czasach mnisi mają wyjebane! Poza tym policja bardzo dobrze ochrania złych ludzi, żeby nie stała im się żadna krzywda. Takie to są żelazne zasady Babilonu. Zło zwycięża, dobro się może pierdolić i dobrem możemy mydlić oczy.
Sat 20:57 28 March

2105: Mam wrażenie, że światem rządzą kurwy które celowo swoim bełkotem ogłupiają innych ludzi. Nie daj boże umiesz czytać, do ci podsuną pod nos jakieś gówno. Np. stara mi wysłała dzisiaj... po tym jak nie wpuściła mnie do domu... "Przestaliśmy przebywać w rodzinach, więc ta chroboa zamknęła nas w naszych domach aby nauczyć na jak funkcjonować z bliskimi."

2734: To jakaś bezsilna metoda "kompensacji i przeniesienia" energii seksualnej, u osób które zawsze były brzydkie i mało atrakcyjne, polegająca na tym, że sami zaczynają gwałcić, jedyne co mieli przez całe życie i czego się trzymali, czyli swoją "logikę" i "zdrowy rozum" i "rozsądek". To taki powiedzmy... "młodzieńczy bunt na starość". Ekstrawagancja do której z czasem doszli, bo tyle ćpają, że są w zasadzie już kompletnie oddzieleni od siebie i świata w którym żyją.

2735: Moja stara gwałcąc logikę i zdrowy rozsądek, przy okazji gwałci logikę i zdrowy rozsądek innych ludzi... i to jest jej ostatnia i jedyna szansa na seks.

2736: Ma pewnie jakąś jebniętą koleżankę, która jedzie na niej jak na swojej kurwie i której chyba musi się chwalić tego typu "podbojami" z serii: "jak wypierdolić wszystkich innych, żebyśmy w ogóle miały ze sobą o czym porozmawiać".

2737: Może i jestem mądry, ale nie mam jebanej rodziny. No może oprócz taty.

2739: Bo jak mawiali już starożytni filozofowie...

2740: Jedna z największych zagadek filozoficznych, w ogóle kurwa dziejów, na którą jeszcze nikt nie znalazł odpowiedzi tj. "Co zrobić jak się ma popierdoloną matkę?"

2741: Zaraz tylko jak jakiś filozof znalazł odpowiedź na to pytanie... To szybko o takiej odpowiedzi zapominano, bo okazuje się, że na gnębieniu i maltretowaniu innych... na torturowaniu ich i na zabijaniu... można zrobić całkiem niezłą karierę.

2742: Skoro więc moja stara jest artystką na secenie "napierdalania swojego syna", to nikt nie będzie przeszkadzał jej zboczeniu. To może zrobię tak! Pomodlę się, żeby jakaś menda poprzebijała opony mojej matce dziś w nocy. Za to, że nie wpuściła sna do swojego domu.

2743: Boję się nawet myśleć co by zrobił Jezus, Józef albo Mojrzesz w takiej sytuacji. Wyobraźcie sobie. Jezus wraca do domu... z góry, a Matka Boska nie wpuszcza go do domu. Mówi mu: "Idź precz! pewnie jesteś zarażony! a może nawet nie wiesz o tym, że jesteś zarażony!" Ja pierdole!

2744: Wiecie co by zrobił Jezus! Udałby się do gaju oliwnego i uklęknął przy tym słynnym swoim kamieniu, po czym żarliwie zacząłby sie modlić do Boga (swego ojca), żeby poprzebijał starej opony. Hehe. Tylko, że wtedy nie było jeszcze opon, ani łożysk, ani asfaltowych dróg... w ogóle nawet Piłat nie miał skate-parku swojego.

2745: Wyobrażacie sobie Jezusa, starającego się przekonać swoją matkę, że nie jest zarażony?! Korona Wirusem. Ja pierdole! Ja nie! Chyba Koroną Cierniową! Głupia matka, to mało powiedziane.
Sat 20:50 28 March

2104: Sobotni skecz MindRiver: Magazie - "Jebać głupie matki!" - O! 20! Czas się iść przejechać na deskorolce, żeby mnie chuj nie strzelił!

2719: I bolą mnie plecy! Po tym jak jakaś jebana kurwa (a konkretnie Łukasz Wąsik), na zlecenie "SW" zrobiła mi zastrzyk w plecy z jakieś trucizny w ZK Rzeszów. Chciałbym, żeby świat się dowiedział co robią z ludźmi w więzieniach w "bloku wschodnim". Po prostu zabijają i trwale okaleczają.

2721: W kościele okłamują dzieci, że "matka to świętość". Nie jest to do końca tak. No... może gdyby moja stara była religijna, a nie jest, to by była dobrym człowiekiem.

2722: Nigdy nie zrozumiem idioty. Po prostu nigdy. Dlaczego taki jest. Ale na maksa się postaram.

2723: To chodzi o takie "przykurwianie się do innych na siłę" albo "robienie po kurewsku, wprost i na chama zawsze odwrotnie", żeby pozostał "niesmak i ból". Tak działają pierdolone kurwy! Oto konkluzja!

2724: Ale dlaczego tak robią? Może im od tego staje? A może to jest jedyna szansa, żeby im stanął? Po prostu krzywdzić innych ludzi.

2725: Ale, żeby tak matka z synem postępowała, to jest to już jebane przegięcie pały! Może ją to podnieca? Może ona jest kompletnie, patologicznie zboczona? Jak byłem dzieckiem to mnie zawsze chętnie biła.

2726: Zawsze "o cośtam chodziło", ale wyczuwałem, że jej to sprawia przyjemność. Znęcanie się nade mną. To jest kurwa bardzo ciekawe!

2727: Może w piekle trzeba sobie cały czas wyrabiać reputacje coraz to większej i większej kurwy? Chyba właśnie tak to działa. Wydaje mi się że właśnie tak to kurwa niestety działa. Bardzo szkoda, że cierpi na tym całe społeczeństwo!

2728: Mamusia na starość nauczyła się "nowych sztuczek", a przy okazji doszła jej geriatria i demencja.

2729: Dzisiaj np. odpierdoliła mnie, że jej nie pomagam z zakupami. Po pierwsze mnie wyjebała z domu, a po drugie ani razu mnie nie prosiła o to, żebym jej zrobił zakupy.

2730: Pamiętam jak matce ojca odpierdalało na starość. Ja pierdole! Tragedia!

2731: Jeżeli jesteś ostatnią kurwą dla innych ludzi, to masz "niezłą reputację" w kraju w którym walutą jest "zło-tu-wka".

2733: Kochana mamusiu. Jaki Pan taki kram! Żeby nie było niedomówień.
Sat 20:03 28 March

2103: Pomagam się jakoś zrehabilitować za to, ze jak ostatnio pojechali do Afryki na Safarii, to jebnęli dwie niechcący. Ponoć same rzuciły im się pod koła.

2715: Tj. znienacka wtargnęły do buszu.

2720: To jest żart. Wstęp do kolejnego wpisu.
Sat 19:56 28 March

2101: Miley! Do you know Elise? Elise Miley, Miley Elise. Miley? Do you play tennis a bit?

2712: Miley turned out to be very interested in working with Elise to improve her forehand and backhand. Miley! Ok. We are coming to rescue you! I will call your lawer.

2713: Baby. We have to do this for all Pandas & Koalas. And your local newspaper.
Sat 19:24 28 March

2100: To znaczy co? Będą przepuszczać czy nie będą? A tiry przepuszczają?

2709: Po wpisaniu w google: "sytuacja na przejściu niemieckim" z około (About) 9,170,000 results (wyszukanych w) (0.57 seconds), najświeższe informacje są sprzed 4 dni. Jest sobota czyli ze środy.

2710: [Pdf] w sprawie przywrócenia tymczasowo kontroli granicznej osób przekraczających granicę państwową stanowiącą granicę wewnętrzną! (Dokument z 13 marca!) Link do artykułu: [link]
Sat 18:59 28 March

2099: Let's brake with Elise Mertens!

2706: Highest ranking No. 12 (26 November 2018) Current ranking No. 23 (2 March 2020)

2707: Don't worry Elise! Be cool and one day you will be first! But you are very thin. I am too, but maybe you should pack your body with steroids? No... Maybe not! Remember: You don't have to be first! Your fans will love you anyway! Even if you quit for Tennis some day. I am huge fan of You!

2708: Does your turtle play tennis too?

2711: Elise. Can you adopt me for 2 weeks?
Sat 18:48 28 March

2098: [Don'tCallMeAngel] ... Miley! I don't like that bitch Ariana. What are you doing in her fucking company? I wonder. It's not your style! "Fuck Dat Puta Ariana!" She should fuck around your show! Not vice versa! Miley is angel! Grande. Fuck off!

2705: I'm just kidding but trust me. I hate that song! I think nobody like this song!
Sat 18:39 28 March

2097: [ThatFamousOldSpiced] vs. [HandsInTheAir]
Sat 18:15 28 March

2096: [HeavyMetalPirats] vs. [SeeYouAgain]
Sat 18:06 28 March

2095: [MidgetSaw] vs. [NothingBrakesLikeHeart]
Sat 18:00 28 March

2094: [MyGallery-2019-11-16]
Sat 17:48 28 March

2093: Miley Cyrus vs. Alestorm

2702: Miley... [List-En-ToYourHeart] I love You, I love You, I love You...

2703: Real Song Contest
Sat 17:37 28 March

2092: [WhenIlookAtYou]
Sat 17:35 28 March

2091: There's nothing better you can do for your beloved one, to start blogging for her! I am giving Miley all my heart and it make my day. For me she is like Angel, God and Mother Merry all-in-one full-package! I love you so much Miley! You are The One!

2699: I think I will dedicate you Rihanna song... [this] :o) You Da One! :-)


Sat 17:19 28 March

2090: Imagine Miley singing [This!] That would be so... sexy....
Sat 16:04 28 March

2089: Ladies ans Gentelmans... Miley Cyrus

2698: My True & One & Only Love (+ Asia)
Sat 16:00 28 March

2088: [The_Hitchhikers_Guide_to_the_Galaxy]
Sat 15:44 28 March

2087: "The most difficult part in programming is to pick up correct language then crew and start!" God Save the Queen for I know little English!
Sat 15:36 28 March

2086: Uuu... Prada's Wife

2695: Where the fuck is he? He's playing blues in forest. But nobody knows where! When he'll be back home? Call Miley.

2696: Fuck! I don't know!
Sat 15:29 28 March

2085: [MamaKin] -

2693: There's some rumors & gossips that Miley is free & looking for love. "OH! MY! GOD!"

2694: [MissyElliottGossipFolks]
Sat 15:06 28 March

2084: If you want to record the blues first you need to catch blues-men.
Sat 14:52 28 March

2083: Waiting for 10 episode! Miley
Sat 14:42 28 March

2082: Pandora's Box is Super Cool: Movin' Out! I love this song! "Talk with yourself and you hear what you wanna know!"

2690: Where I'm going?

2691: I prefer original version of Movin' Out - Aerosmith

2692: Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' Fuckin' City
Sat 14:39 28 March

2081: Miley did you asked for music inspiration for your generation studio artists? I think for 100% sure that it will be Pandora's Box & Walk on Water (with You Miley).

2688: I don't know how stupid you need to be to listen fuckin' Duran Duran or The Beatless! What a fucking shame!

2689: I need to convert all Patora's Box to mp3 to have it with my Nokia 8810
Sat 14:24 28 March

2080: Próbowałem zagrać i nagrać Shoot to thrill ale mi bateria padła w telefonie!

2687: Mimo, że sobie obiecałem, że nie będę składał ścieżek, to na początku chciałem znowu spróbować. Jeszcze trochę i wyrzucę zestaw przez okno. LoL
Sat 14:21 28 March

2079: [Slide_Away] vs. [Rehab] (?)

2686: First I was thinking... [Stay-Rihanna]
Sat 13:45 28 March

Sat 12:16 28 March

2077: Holy Mother of Fuck!

2685: [KumbaYo!]
Sat 11:53 28 March

2076: A szwagier...

2683: ...dalej beztrosko napierdala wraka! Czas to jebany pieniądz! Chuj w wirusem!

2684: Ciekawe jak google przetłumaczy Miley sformułowanie: "napierdala wraka". > "przewozi samochód"
Sat 11:34 28 March

2075: When I'm looking at ["shit"] I feel like a bird! Wanna feel it with me? Wanna go with me?
Sat 11:31 28 March

2074: Miley Cyrus - Slide Away
Sat 11:22 28 March

2072: Hello. What's up. There's some magnetic field around me... pulling me to You. Straight into your sweet loving arms. Amazing.

2679: Fuck all those motherfucking virus crap. Spanish people are cheaters just like their Mexico corona beer virus friends. Let's do fucking fiesta all the fucking time!

2680: All is fine... but... my heart is in pain because of Miley. I think she just took my heart and now I will be suffering until the end of time. Loving you.

2682: You broke my heart! I think you have a special song on such a occasions. Let's listen it.
Sat 9:40 28 March

2071: Good night! Miley, Asia... and rest of the world!
Sat 0:43 28 March