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I'm thinking of You!
I like your dancing!
I love you smile!
I love you Miley!
I love Your...
I like you creativity!
Merry me baby!


2341: "In this world we are all in the same boat." - No, no, no, no... I am on my own boat and this boat is sailing to Miley & Ashley

3133: Sorry guys! It's so funny!
Fri 20:22:30 3 April

2340: Okey! Now something is turning round.

3131: Test! Miley! When you put the newest episode on YouTube baby?

3132: Not every sticker have transparent background.
Fri 19:42:19 3 April


3128: [PuppiesAreForever] - SIA

3129: [SingForMyLife]

3130: I hope that one day Miley will sing with SIA! #NBA All-Stars
Fri 17:49:45 3 April

2338: What I have to do to be famous in internet? Naked photos? Oh! No! Meditation course! Simple idea is brilliant!

3127: But I don't have guru! Oh! Ashley O is my guru! She is my super "home boy"!
Fri 17:33:22 3 April

2337: I love my website blog very, very, very much but it's a pain in the ass.

3117: Very nice way to gather people around and communicate with the world.

3118: I give you best example. Using Facebook or Instagram or whatever is like... Alright I've change my mind. But you should have your own talk show radio Miley. You are crazy enough to have it. People want to listen you in perfect audio sound. Do you get it?

3119: Quality of sound via social media is fucking poor! Don't you think?

3120: Or I don't know Miley change the mic please Ashley O

3121: Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus & Ashley O... O My God! Such a clever stuff! I am impressed! I think everybody are!

3122: Mirror mirror on the wall who's the Ashley Of them all?

3123: Just thinking of you makes me feel crazy about You! I can imagine myself in one bad forever. Nice idea.

3124: How many beds you got?

3125: Do you like SM? I hope because I don't want to get bored. I think you are torture me already. Baby... you got me! I am your psycho fan! I am you psycho fan! Miley Ashley Ray Cyrus!

3126: I mean. I love to dreaming about You!
Fri 16:55:28 3 April

2336: Diplo. You are cool guy. Do you know SIA? Please tell her that I love her!
Fri 16:54:31 3 April

2335: Have you ever heard about Felicjan Colorado? No one has heard of him yet!
Fri 16:53:55 3 April

2334: I was so close to make all my emojis being animated but I lost the way. I need Red Bull I think.
Fri 16:01:13 3 April

2333: The problem is that the guy rulling the world is also one guy with his blog. He cannot be worst. He have to all the time show his power to the others. Nobody can be better. And that's why MindRiver: Magazine is proud to present to announce NEW "sunday" LESSONS: "Doing cyber affirmation magic via simple blog".

3106: Thirst you have to understand that the world is simple as stupid and as stupid as simple. It's nobodies fault. It's just it's construction.

3107: People who have in artificial ways maximum power are just a people sitting and doing nothing at the front of their "windows" (computer). To win they should just give up but they don't understand it.

3108: And that's why they will be fighting and harming themselves and the rest of the ball. It's just bad. It's shouldn't be like that. To win you have to give up. Give up your power and authority.

3109: To who? To another crazy mad guy? Yes there's such a risk always. But... well. I just want to call out corona virus. I saw parade of people who are so happy that finally they can be important because of this virus. You know! There's a way too much of them! Way way too much. And what? And they have problem with themselves.

3110: De-centralisation. Un-globalisation. Easy going. Calmness. I will give you perfect example. If there's one crazy stupid motherfucker, want's to walk around whole planet... TURST ME! It does not means that you need to follow this motherfucker. Actually that would be a crazy stupid move from your side. Please. You don't even have to send all army after him to control the situation all the time.

3111: Who care's about all those bullshit? Just turn on TV. This virus is madness. Fucking journalists. Their crazy stupid gathering around one bonfire. There's should be a lots of bonfires. Not only one... yours.

3112: It's cannot be like that. One guy doing his crazy stupid blog against the rest of the world? I don't know. I want to have freedom. I don't want to be lock in my flat. I want to "challenge the world" it means to walk around all planet, but you know it's only me. I am single. And you... You are everywhere. And if you will try to beat me still, you will destroyed all planet! And it will be for nothing! I hope you understand it! So... give the people back their freedom and let it go. Just let it go. For good. Thanks!

3113: Everybody's going their ways. The world should be like a jungle not like desert. I hope you feel my drift.

3114: It was just dream talk.

3115: So. Alright. Take it ease and let me just have my fun back. Fun from doing this super colorful blog for Miley.

3116: You know I wish my neighbors was such a nice and brilliant as Miley. I hope some day they will. But who said that's got a lot of time on she's hand? Miley? Oh Miley!
Fri 15:25:13 3 April

Fri 15:16:09 3 April

Fri 15:10:38 3 April

2330: About CSS: Professionals has nothing to say and amators have to sword fight with this all bullshit!

3105: I should use transitions instead of animations. Too fucking late. So now I have to teach myself Java Script.
Fri 14:53:30 3 April

Fri 13:58:55 3 April

Fri 13:57:49 3 April

2327: - Miley. Will you Merry me? I loved Hannah Montana! - YES!

3101: *) Ok. I did not saw all episodes to be true. Actually I didn't even saw any. Can you forgive me?!

3102: You are such a cool monkey!
Fri 13:03:24 3 April

2326: Miley

3100: Thank's God 4 Miley
Fri 12:35:47 3 April

2325: During war with Vietnam, American women waited for their boys to come back. Today We cherish that memory by Miley who's waiting for me to come home. Into her sweet and beloving arms.

In memory of those who died because of world's evil. We remember! - Prada

3099: [ForThoseAboutToRock] (We saluate you!)
Fri 12:15:15 3 April

2324: I think I will dig more in this CSS3 today!
Fri 11:22:39 3 April

2323: [GoneShootin'] 4 Miley
Fri 11:14:46 3 April

2322: This is just nice! It's just pure and happy summer rock'n'roll! It's freedom! It's love! I think AC/DC is super happy hippie!


3096: Without bullshit it's just fresh and pure happiness. And don't dig in lyrics! Unless you're crazy. Being crazy is bad for you!


3098: I wonder if it would be possible to make guitar meditation music from AC/DC songs and riffs. I'll try. That will be super slow!
Fri 11:00:36 3 April


Pretty Hurts & Stuff...

3094: [SiaIsPerfection] But she is not disease!
Fri 10:41:45 3 April

2320: I got "little" problem with reverse animation after mouse roll out if you know what I mean. Need to fix this later.

3093: Nature Spirit Life
Fri 10:31:52 3 April

2319: [Olívia] - Estúdio 172 Sessions

Fri 10:28:16 3 April

2318: Let's search an art on Pinterest!

3090: I Miley!

3091: But Miley loves Demi...
Fri 10:18:46 3 April

2317: [ArteConcret]

3087: I think this guy needs a little bit of Miley' style! You know! Not a little. As fucking much as it's possible. Well... then he would be Lil Wayne. Sorry Lil! I love you for song: No Love! Your best song I think! But I don't know all your songs! Respect bro!

3088: What's this funny language?

3089: Oh! Guy is from Brasilia.
Fri 09:54:35 3 April

2316: Detective Prada: Who wants to separate gays and lesbians from art?
Fri 09:52:17 3 April

2315: Can you count? Count on me!

3085: One color is missing.

3086: TURQUOISE. This means ART.
Fri 09:47:11 3 April

2314: There are seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

3079: Well I was always thinking that I am not real gay!

3080: Look at another shit: Baker saw the rainbow as a natural flag from the sky, so he adopted EIGHT colors for the stripes, each color with its own meaning. HOT PINK for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, TURQUOISE for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit. (Where the fuck is hot pink?!)

3081: The answer is: We're suffering from lack of ART and hot SEX.

3082: But when I miss Miley I like to suffer. It's a kind of sacrifice.

3083: Don't you think that kind of creativity comes from such a sacrifice?

3084: Creativity is love! But we need some more ART! MORE ART! MORE ART! MORE ART!
Fri 09:26:18 3 April

2313: Hello Miley!
Fri 08:30:33 3 April


Anita i Pies Rico
Fri 02:39:43 3 April

2311: When you look at the left side of the screen you'll see this little unnecessary gadget. For Miley looks perfect I suppose. Luckily Me to have you on such a grate Talk-Show. Miley. Good night baby! And the rest of ball.

3077: Okey. Now I am trying to do right side! I think is soon will be done!

3078: Okey! It's done! But how many colors have rainbow?
Fri 01:58:13 3 April

2310: [Episode_13] So nice!

3071: Your dancing is excellent. One step and you'll have dance pole in your studio. But be careful if you really want it. Why not. That would be something. Pole dancing Talk Show Host. Not everyday. Just from time to time. I think all the world would be jealous because your show is such a perfect.

3072: Miley. Don't worry If you extend one hour of your show. You are the only one boss. You don't have to listen nobodies advises! Trust me! Digital world will swallow all your data. If there's some nice conversation you can extend it into infinity. For example with Diplo you talk very short time and the guy looks super nice and he is very interesting I think.

3073: From my experience I can tell you that longer something last the better is. People are afraid of mess and being messy but his is very very beautiful thing. So you don't have to be sharp and fast and direct all the time. Just be lazy & and don't ask nobody. Listen to your heart and your intuition. All is just a frame and the main and the most interesting content is You!

3074: I like crazy improvisations. Longer it last better it is.

3075: This song I played today for you... (check Travel Radio) I played 16 minutes. For a song is quite long. Butt tomorrow I will play for you 45 minutes. I want my music to be meditation music. I must put myself in a trance. When I play stupid solos on my guitar it's a kind of improvisation for me. No effects no makeup just pure guitar sound. And it's just beginning. I wonder what It comes from it in some days from now?

3076: Try to record just some talking of you. Imagine that you're doing just a radio show. Imagine that there's no vision. Imagine that there's some blind people on this planet who can only hear your voice. Your beautiful low voice. Mrrr... I'm your puppy forever baby! It's so nice to share heart with you. Anyhow I can call it.
Thu 21:56:23 2 April

2309: I hate CSS. Same as Java Script, you know! It's real pain in the ass!

3062: Now I hate CSS animations and transitions a most! I need to learn this but I don't know where to start?

3063: Anyway. My code looks like peace of shit.

3064: Ok. Calm down. Step by step. But what?! What is step? What is foot? Who am I? I'm just kidding. I just don't know where to start.

3065: The first question every developer should ask himself is: What you wanna do? The second question is: For fucking what?!

3066: You don't have to buy everything you just saw!

3067: There's so many questions you don't ever hear about! The best possible choice you can have is: "Alright! Fine. Fuck it! Thank you very much!" Problem solved!

3068: I am kind of programmer who sometimes thinking. WTF have I done? How it works? I have no fucking idea and I don't want to have any! I think Miley understand me well!

3069: I don't like to sniffing in garbage. Even if can find there some shit!

Thu 21:32:17 2 April

2308: Another 11:16 You. Another 20:16 Me.

Thu 20:35:40 2 April

2307: Backyard

3058: Music is my God! Good music! Message... what is the message?

3059: Meditation is not enough! We have to close our eyes and bring the paradise right away! No suffering. Everybody's super happy and well! This is real meditation and don't tell me unnecessary bullshit about chakras . Just close your eyes and bring love, paradise, happiness, freedom and heart, and love, and Miley and angels! Send love & light and have it back! And don't forget bout pizza & coffee. For me Miley is like an airport's runaway lane. Full throttle and... we're go. I'm just love letter writer.

3060: Just 5 minuts in the morning? Fuck it! Let's meditate 24/7
Thu 19:59:50 2 April

2306: :2306
Thu 19:39:31 2 April

2305: Miley
Thu 19:21:37 2 April

2304: Today's reaserch project: side pull-out panels For Miley! That will be new nice feature of MindRiver: Magaznie. (I love you Miley! )
Thu 19:12:41 2 April

2303: MindRiver: Magazine... needs to connect with all polar station around the world and with NASA astronauts on earth's orbit in space! To share OUR rock and roll & country music support with MILEY!

3053: - Halo! Halo! Is that any polar station? Over! How is the weather? Over? Do you have COVID-19?

3054: - What? No! We don't have antenna! What is COVID-19. - Forget. Check your transfer! How's the weather?! - Fucking minus 40 as usually!

3055: - If you don't have internet? How do you read me? - What... what.... szzzzzzzzzzz... singal is weak! Szzzzzz... Szzzzzz.... Over till now!

3056: Is that was Polish Polar Station on Svalbard? - [link]

3057: - Szzzzzz... Szzzzzz...
Thu 17:53:31 2 April

2302: MindRiver: Magazine zaprasza... [France24] is a French public broadcast service on YouTube.
Thu 17:45:52 2 April

2301: [ZZ-TopAlbum]

3049: Not too early on such'a tune?

3050: No! It's a party in village. Tickets free. Free popcorn & beer. City pays. There's special occasion! New sidewalk!

3051: Co?! Impreza z okazji nowego chodnika?? (Tego jeszcze nie było!) Hehe! (Było tylko w Kościele! Nie chodzisz to nie wiesz!)

3052: Nie mów mi, że pastor słucha ZZ Top? Przecież to grzech! - Słucham, żeby wiedzieć gdzie się schował szatan i co tam porabia? Z tego co widzę to piekło stygnie. Bardzo dobrze!
Thu 17:12:06 2 April

2300: Love is Love. It's just is. Pure & simple. Cool & nice.

3047: "She's okey." - ZZ Top

3048: Miley!
Thu 17:08:33 2 April


Miley Cyrus + Billy Ray Cyrus - Amazing Grace
Thu 16:56:13 2 April

2298: I tell you joke. Krzysztof Krawczyk comming to Nashville. They lead you on the stage and he's telling to the mic: - Ok. Where is stage? - Here. You standing on it. - Alright! And which way is audience? - There. - Alright! Do you have microphone?
Thu 16:53:35 2 April

2297: [1998FullAlbum]

3045: 10 guitarists, 2 bass players, 2 drums, and rest of crew.

3046: Don't even start to record country album if you don't have at least 10 guitar players.
Thu 16:23:54 2 April

2296: Ok... And... 2 things... ZZ Top & Miley's Dad...
Thu 16:21:47 2 April

2295: Next Please!
Thu 16:19:22 2 April

2294: I record meditation song for Miley to make her meditation much easier.

3044: [WithNormalSolo] & [WithLittleLouderSolo]
Thu 16:03:30 2 April

2293: :2293
Thu 15:43:51 2 April

2292: Okey... let's move on...

3041: I played nice 16 min solo... but I forgot about timestamps at the beginning of song to glue those two tracks. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Well... okey... i will try to glue this!

Thu 13:23:14 2 April

2291: [RHCP]

3043: The guy invites world class singers or bands to fuck them! I think just now he looks fine.
Thu 12:57:32 2 April

2290: [FooFighters]

3037: This guy is dangerous and harmful for gentle feelings!

3038: I don't like him!

3039: His ugly.

3040: Don't worry Dave! (He scared all crowd in this shop to make you look like fool trying to cover his "face.)
Thu 12:39:08 2 April

2289: It was not me baby!
Thu 12:15:28 2 April


Thu 11:54:32 2 April

2287: [Don't-Dream-It's-Over]
Thu 11:45:13 2 April

2286: Demi Lovato on Practicing Self Care [Pretty-Big-Deal]
Thu 11:01:57 2 April

2285: Miley you are warming my heart up and you are giving me love & hope for a better days and super bright future. Thank You Always. Hey! And it's not the end. I'm in love with you for real. We are real. Love is real!

3036: My = Miley
Thu 10:57:33 2 April



3033: Little morning rock'n'roll! I need to teach myself meditate at the front of my Sony iPhone!

3034: [Locomotive] - Miley's using her Illusion! Miley do you like this freaken Gun&Roses music & style? (Me: I hate guns but I love roses!)

3035: If love is blind I guess I'll buy myself a cane.
Thu 09:05:26 2 April

2283: Hello Miley. 23:16 at L.A. & 08:16 here with me. Love Ya! Sleep Deep and Well! Have a rest! Love Ya to the MaX!
Thu 08:17:04 2 April

2282: Better world an future that looks brighter than the present!

3030: [MirandaTechTeachYoga] I hope we can find her on YouTube!

3031: And she So Sweet!
Thu 07:20:36 2 April

Hello Miley!

2281: [12-Episode]

3028: I want to be such as happy as she. Miley. Oh My God! How you do that? I need to rewind it and check again. Oh my love... Oh my love...

3029: "There's no time to quit trying!" - Miley's Dad.

3032: Miley. Can I give you little advice. From when you... became more and more popular and famous with you show... You became something like a little more stiff... and TOO FAST... One you was dancing at the ending of your show! That was SO cool. Please.... Please... Please... GO SLOW! GO SLOW! GO SLOWER! GO SLOWER! <3 <3 <3 AT THE ENDINGS :-) (I love you so much!) I AM ALSO FAST BUT BEING SLOW IS SO nice looking & COOL... so we need to pretend THAT WE ARE SLOW! HAVE SLOW MOVES MILEY.. Or just PLAY & EXPERIMENT WITH IT...! I love you baby! <3 :-) Sweet Dreams! :-) <3
Wed 20:55:39 1 April

2280: Commercial brake:

3027: Hey Benz! Can you heel-flip?
Wed 20:48:07 1 April

2279: Shocking News! Eminem is going back to Country Music!

3025: - I was always a fan of oldies. Nobody's young forever. For me now it's a time for going back to real Americana roots. I even took a singing lessons. My first album will hit the market no time soon. I'll see you there guys and chicks. See ya all!

3026: Oh nice! Just wait! We need to take our jaws from sidewalk.
Wed 20:37:41 1 April

2278: I think I will go to get myself @RedBull #RedBull

3024: #RedBullBreakingRecords with Prada's MindRiver: Magazine
Wed 20:34:04 1 April

2277: Miley. Have you heard that Eminem is sliding away or taylor swifting to country music!? With your Dad and X Nas. That would be so cool! I can't wait to buy a ticket to your show!

3022: Miley. Don't you need some roadie? I am lazy and I like to do nothing! I can also cutting your grass and walking your dogs.

3023: I think that it would be an end of his depression!
Wed 20:30:27 1 April

2276: [MileyCyrusVEVO] - Miley. Where is your next episode on YouTube?
Wed 20:28:04 1 April

2275: Soon we will have 12 episode of our Country Star - Miley!


3021: Somebody needs shaving! When they will open hairdressers?
Wed 19:59:38 1 April


Sing Me Back Home Miley
Wed 19:51:36 1 April

2273: Billy Ray Cyrus - [TrailOfTears] - Another super album for You!
Wed 19:39:02 1 April

2272: [Beautiful]
Wed 19:35:35 1 April

2271: Let's have a brake with Father's Daughter. [TheClimb]
Wed 19:25:31 1 April

2270: Is Eminem is New Country Music Chuck Norris?

3018: It would be so cool and fresh for the industry that Eminem would leave Hip-Hop and jump into Country Music!

3019: Jay-z is looking for fancy colored boots already.
Wed 19:19:31 1 April

2269: [Geronimo] Heydee Ho!
Wed 19:10:57 1 April

2268: Enough is enough.

Wed 19:05:02 1 April

2267: What do you think about that?
Wed 19:02:54 1 April

2266: I ain't even left.
Wed 18:52:31 1 April

2265: One Last Thrill
Wed 18:48:22 1 April

2264: Third album 1994

3015: I will tell you joke: - If Eminem would obtain true guts from space he would be playing original Country Music, with his crew.

3016: Try to take it seriously without crying from laugh Eminem please.
Wed 18:40:25 1 April

2263: [StormInTheHeartland] Miley
Wed 18:35:43 1 April

2262: Words By Heart

3014: MindRiver: Magazine = Almost random gallery illustrated by country music songs! This is typical.
Wed 18:20:15 1 April

2261: [ItWon'tBetheLast]
Wed 18:03:12 1 April

2260: There is agreement.
Wed 17:54:48 1 April

2259: I won't throw a single music link until we listen to all of Miley's dad's songs. We only do it for her.
Wed 17:51:11 1 April

2258: Who is Krzysztof Krawczyk?

3009: Polish singer.

3010: Wiecie czemu Krzysia Krawczyka nie zaprosili w tym roku do Stagecoach? - Bo by zajął główną scenę na czas całego festiwalu. Jeszcze razem z Marylą.

3011: Back to roots! Korona wirus nie ma szans!

3012: MindRiver: Magazine przywraca nadzieje kierowcom TIR-ów.
Wed 17:39:40 1 April

2257: It's Key bro!

3007: MindRiver: Magazine - Best Country service on the West from Casper Wyoming!
Wed 17:28:15 1 April

2256: Let's go with first album Miley's daddy! [link]

3006: Thanks YouTube!

3008: To już wiecie kto Krawyczkowi dał jointa w USA. Tata Miley.

3013: Nie wrzucę ani jednego linka muzycznego dopóki nie przesłuchamy wszystkich piosenek taty Miley. Robimy to tylko dla niej.
Wed 17:17:45 1 April

2255: Hello Miley! Good morning!

Wed 17:08:48 1 April

2254: All Disney is about better world an future that looks brighter than the present! So as MindRiver: Magazine!
Wed 17:03:14 1 April

2253: [NewestAlbum] - Smashing Pumpkins

2999: Of course... 4 Miley...

3000: I don't know if I can write reviews in English. All in all I don't know this band. I have never had any departure on them. With the exception of maybe a few songs. But now when I start recording something on the guitar, I recapture the chords and their arrangement in the song. I have always liked their arrangement.

3001: [Oceania] - This album is super cool!

3002: If you recognize their music as weird or crazy stupid, please just don't listen them! Thank You!

3003: For me the most important thing is music! Lyrics and any meaning is really unnecessary! It's just distraction.

3004: (By the way. By using windows you can win some cows!)
Wed 16:39:36 1 April

Guitar Lesson
Wed 16:02:42 1 April

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